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Calum Scott, Leona Lewis - You Are The Reason (Duet Version)


Published on 2 years ago

Calum’s debut album ‘Only Human’ feat. “You Are The Reason” & “Dancing On My Own” out now! iTunes: https://calumscott.lnk.to/onlyhumanYD/iTunes
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"You Are The Reason" (Duet Version) with Leona Lewis available to download + stream: https://calumscott.lnk.to/yatrduetYD

Watch the official music video for "You Are The Reason": https://calumscott.lnk.to/yatrvidYD

There goes my heart beating
Cause you are the reason
I'm losing my sleep
Please come back now

There goes my mind racing
And you are the reason
That I'm still breathing
I'm hopeless now

I'd climb every mountain
And swim every ocean
Just to be with you
And fix what I've broken
Oh, ‘cause I need you to see
That you are the reason

There goes my hands shaking
Cause you are the reason
My heart keeps bleeding
And I need you now

If I could turn back the clock
I'd make sure the light defeated the dark
I'd spend every hour, of every day
Keeping you safe

I'd climb every mountain
And swim every ocean
Just to be with you
And fix what I've broken
Oh, ‘cause I need you to see
That you are the reason
You are the reason
Yeah, yeah...

I'd climb every mountain
And swim every ocean
Just to be with you
And fix what I've broken
Oh, ‘cause I need you to see
That you are the reason

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Music video by Calum Scott, Leona Lewis performing You Are The Reason. © 2018 Capitol Records


James Lewis

James Lewis . 24 minutes ago

Wow what about a duet with Callum Scott and Kodi Lee...awesome.

Czesia B.

Czesia B. . 3 hours ago

<3 <3 <3

Jamila Ibrahim

Jamila Ibrahim . 4 hours ago

Always shed tears listening to this song, makes me remember my ex 😭

Agus Santoso

Agus Santoso . 5 hours ago

may you be ever be joyful


STELLA COLARUSSO . 6 hours ago


Swapnil Dophe

Swapnil Dophe . 6 hours ago

buy surprise gift for your Valentine from below link https://www.valentinegiftstore.com/

Jacko Jack

Jacko Jack . 7 hours ago

Beautiful Ballad! Excellently Brilliant! We're Blown Blown Blown Away! Absolutely Stunning! Well Done! CONGRATULATIONS!!!


TJP . 8 hours ago

This man is amazing


Nu&Sunday . 9 hours ago

Romantic ❤️

Rhonda Ross

Rhonda Ross . 12 hours ago

I watched Calum Scott on BGT through YouTube! I knew the song, I like Kodi’s it just has more feeling ❣️

Brooks Taylor

Brooks Taylor . 12 hours ago

Yes you are, now how about that second chance at true love

Fareeda Arjoon

Fareeda Arjoon . 14 hours ago

Sweet love the duet

carolyn collins

carolyn collins . 14 hours ago

Oh wow what a very beautiful song. Sending this song to my boyfriend. He is the reason i am where i am.

Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown . 14 hours ago

Lovely song of you.

mahdy moustafa

mahdy moustafa . 15 hours ago


sandy tuoroo

sandy tuoroo . 15 hours ago

Speechless.....It's heavenly beautiful.

Snow Angel

Snow Angel . 16 hours ago

Love can leave a memory that no one can steal, but can also leave a pain that no one can heal ❤️❤️❤️

Bridget Ngona

Bridget Ngona . 16 hours ago

this song got the magic .congratulations Kodi lee

Kevin Tunstall

Kevin Tunstall . 17 hours ago

Powerful haunting duet.


susisee11 . 17 hours ago

Beautiful song. Love it! I wish The Voice would have couples only singers for one season. Maybe one the couples would sing this song.


JACKIE JERRIE . 18 hours ago

Kodi Lee winning AGT brought me here again 😍😍😍😍

1994 Ar

1994 Ar . 18 hours ago

who is here because this song is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Badpoemz AL

Badpoemz AL . 19 hours ago

Kodi lee brought me here


myra737 . 20 hours ago

💯 wonderful!

Prude Querido

Prude Querido . 20 hours ago

It's sad to see leona struggle just to get back on top. Too bad a lot of people now a days only appreciate singers if they take off their clothes. Not everyone though but majority.


KILL BILL . 21 hours ago

Speechless! Two beautiful voices that transport you to another universe❤

John chinglenthoiba

John chinglenthoiba . 21 hours ago

i see angel hairs and im starving now !

Svetlana Goldammer

Svetlana Goldammer . 22 hours ago

Eine andere auf puschen . Super ! 😔🤔

Juan Ignacio Fernández Fernández

Juan Ignacio Fernández Fernández . 22 hours ago

Amar a Calum Scott!!

Rocking in a free world

Rocking in a free world . 23 hours ago

Every one keeps saying who’s hear because of kodi. No I’m hear because I’m board and have nothing to do. But yes I’m hear because of kodi. God bless him.

Tik Tok Combodia

Tik Tok Combodia . 23 hours ago

Wow Wow sing so good 😶😍😍😍


SA3A1 ANDALAS . 24 hours ago

True love reality

Elias Tibe

Elias Tibe . 24 hours ago



신우영 . 1 day ago



ROWAN art . 1 day ago

Warga +62 tunjukan wujudmu

nick lawrence

nick lawrence . 1 day ago

beautiful song

Amina Hassan

Amina Hassan . 1 day ago

😢😢best song ever❤

Sirena-Rahket Jo

Sirena-Rahket Jo . 1 day ago

I apologize to my mommy because I'm was getting mad at her. First, I was doing my prayer for Hail Mary, I was forgot, but mommy said, that was unacceptable. That was heartbreaking. So I message her to the music video for my apology 😭


avatarng . 1 day ago

Every time Kodi sang this song, Simon Cowell made another millions!

Chester's Covers

Chester's Covers . 1 day ago

What a nice song❤ Also watch our cover of this song❤ https://youtu.be/uV0EuqD4k6s

Jocelyn Edmar Mansano

Jocelyn Edmar Mansano . 1 day ago

Nice song ever! 😍 love it!!😀❤️❤️❤️


Nomad . 1 day ago

Dam that woman is beautiful!

Korean Lulu

Korean Lulu . 1 day ago

2019 and enjoying this like if it’s the first time 💙🔥🔥🔥🔥

George Havens

George Havens . 1 day ago

Never heard this song til I heard Kodi Lee first perform this song on America's Got Talent

Gingpromises canales

Gingpromises canales . 1 day ago



jird15 . 1 day ago

You guys sound great together!!!


Nyte . 1 day ago

who remembers when Calum Scott got a golden buzzer in BGT 2015?

ThulieEttie Tau

ThulieEttie Tau . 1 day ago

Wow 😍😍😍💓💓💓💓💯💯

Wanda Pitts

Wanda Pitts . 2 days ago

I LOVE this!

Muhammed Akhtar

Muhammed Akhtar . 2 days ago

Let’s hear it for kodi🥳

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